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   Forensic Toxicology Expert  

Dwain C. Fuller, F-ABFT, TC-NRCC
Board Certified Forensic Toxicologist

When choosing a forensic toxicology consultant, choose one who is qualified to provide a full review of your case. This includes specimen collection, chain of custody, qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as interpretation of results.

Dwain Fuller has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of forensic toxicology from SAMHSA certified urine drug testing to DUI, DUID, and death investigation.  Furthermore, he is experienced in the proper application of pharmacokinetics to forensic case work. 

Mr. Fuller has worked in private, state and federal laboratories.  He has a degree in chemistry and his laboratory experience ranges from bench level work to analytical method development using state of the art instrumentation, to laboratory management. This wide range of experience allows for an objective and thorough analysis of your case and the discovery of pitfalls and hidden issues that others may miss.

Mr. Fuller is a veteran of the courtroom in both criminal and civil matters and has served as an expert witness and/or consulting forensic toxicologist in numerous cases nationwide. 

Mr. Fuller is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex, but will accept cases from anywhere in the United States.

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